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Teacambs Thu 26 April | The ‘Shape Your Place’ story

by on 12 April 2012

Teacambs on Thurs 26 April will hear the ShapeYourPlace story from Cambridgshapeyourplace logoeshire County Council’s Matthew Hall., which began in Fenland in 2010, is a one stop site for everything to do with the place people live.

It recently rolled out to cover five new areas of East Cambridgeshire: Ely, Soham and East villages, Littleport, South villages and West villages. In July, ShapeYourPlace launches in Huntingdonshire.

The websites help residents to start and join in conversations about how they can improve their local area. They can talk directly with the local councils, the police, the fire and rescue service, the health service and many other organizations about issues that affect them.

Visitors to ShapeYourPlace  can:
• Report issues and suggest ideas to improve their street
• Vote in polls and take part in consultations
• Find out what happened at the last Neighbourhood Panel
• See what’s been reported and join in conversations with residents
• Receive updates about how issues have been resolved
• Write blog posts about local activities and news

What is Teacambs?
Teacamps are informal gatherings for digital people who work in and around government. They are usually two hours long including a slot for a speaker and chatting over a cup of tea, hence the name ‘teacamp’.

Teacambs is planned for the last Thursday of every month, at Bill’s Café, Green Street in Cambridge.

Our next event is on Thursday 26 April from 4.30pm-6.30pm. Save your place here:

It will become a regular informal get together of digital communicators, web specialists and social media enthusiasts working in and around local government and the public sector in Cambridgeshire.

Share ideas, learn new things and make plans over tea and cake.
Info: @teacambs #teacambs


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