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Teacambs in October

by on 9 October 2012

Hello everyone

The next Teacambs will be on 25 October from 4:30pm in the John Lewis Cafe on the top floor in the Grand Arcade. I’ve got a few emails and tweets to make to confirm who our guest speaker will be.

CommsCamp 2013

There is also a very interesting event for local government communicators types at CommsCamp – which is scheduled for February 2013. Although it says ‘sold out’ I have been reliably informed that they are looking at getting an even bigger venue than the last one that I was at earlier this year. One thing that always saddens me at such gatherings is the lack of a Cambridgeshire or an East Anglian presence at such local gatherings. Well, I want this one to be different. So if you are interested in what social media can do for your public sector organisation, please please please come along to this event. Also, keep tabs on the Twitter account at for updates.

A visit from Puffles? A talk about teacambs?

I know my Teacambs partner in crime Liz is currently snowed under by lots of work this month, but if you’re a Cambridgeshire public sector body and would like someone to visit your organisation to run a short workshop or lunchtime talk (for free), I (Antony) am happy to do so. You can contact me via my website. I might ask someone to come along to teacambs in return, or perhaps give Puffles (Teacambs’ dragon fairy in residence) a few jellybellies, but we don’t want money or budgets to be an issue with teacambs. If inflexible managers are an issue, again please let us know.

Teacambs at a weekend?

A couple of people have asked at various gatherings Puffles has been at why we can’t have a Teacambs gathering at a weekend. Well, we can in principle but in John Lewis in the run up to Christmas might not be a good idea. However, we’re open to ideas for a one-off session should people be motivated to give up a morning or an afternoon for something that might otherwise be seen as work-related.

Finally, if there is something that you are working on in your organisation that you would like to share, or perhaps there is a particular issue your team is struggling with and would like some people from outside your organisation to take a look, feel free to present it to our gathering.

See you in a few weeks!


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