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Teacambs into 2013

by on 29 October 2012

Hello everyone

First of all **Thank you** to everyone that came along to grill Cllr Nick Clarke on all things Connecting Cambridgeshire. Cllr Clarke has posted his thoughts on Teacambs which you can read here. We’ll give him a little bit more time to get used to Puffles – meeting Twitter’s favourite dragon fairy can come as a shock to the system when you meet a mythical creature for the first time! (We’re only teasing). 

We also had the presence of Andrew Limb, Head of Corporate Strategy at Cambridge City Council, along with Mike Todman of Cabinet Office, who is based in Cambridge as a regional researcher. For those of us there, it was interesting to get the perspectives on some of the economic challenges facing the county from three different perspectives – city, county and national – as well as strong questioning from the likes of Richard Taylor. As Cllr Clarke said, the nature of the discussion was much less adversarial than what is often seen at a party political level. It also allowed people to develop both lines of argument and/or lines of questioning – leading to more clear and more details responses. 

One of the key points that may be of interest to other holders of political public office who may be interested in attending/speaking is that Cllr Clarke was very clear on the different roles he had within ‘local public life’ (for want of another phrase). One was a responsibility to the whole county as Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, another was to his constituents and another to his political party. Attending Teacambs was very much with the first hat on, just as attending a local constituency meeting would have the second hat on, and a party conference the third. 

Moving into the New Year

Teacambs on 29 November will probably be the last one of 2012 – Can’t imagine anyone will be around on 27 December. One of Cllr Clarke’s ideas was to host a gathering somewhere more central in the county – perhaps Huntingdon, St Ives or Chatteris. May have to send Puffles out on an advance raid to the district and town councils concerned to get them on board. On a more serious point, we’re more than happy to travel out to your organisation to engage with you about all things public sector social media. Please let us know if you’d like a flying visit.




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