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Teacambs for August – Community outreach

by on 25 August 2013

Following Ashley’s talk about the expansion of the Shape Your Place website (see here) in July, this month’s session will be on community outreach. One of the other reasons being a very poorly-attended community safety event in Cherry Hinton on 24 August – which I blogged in detail about here.

In a nutshell, there are some significant lessons to be learnt, because a significant amount of resources were used for that event – far outweighing the numbers of people that turned up. How can we avoid similar outcomes? What specific actions need to be taken and by whom? I don’t want it to become a slanging match – rather, I’d like to guide the conversation towards the formulation of a wider community development plan. In terms of events alone, it would allow institutions to analyse a calendar of events and co-ordinate things so that school holidays, bank holidays, local festivals and even major sporting events are accounted for.

Finally, what is the role of social media use in all of this? How are local institutions currently using social media? What is working for them? What isn’t working? What would you like to improve and why?

As always, Third Floor of the John Lewis Cafe from 4:30pm on the last Thursday of the month – which will be 29 August 2013. Look out for the table that Puffles the dragon fairy is sitting at. If you’d like to come along, please sign up here, or simply drop by.



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